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Des produits Supersec sains et forts en goût

Healthy and Tasty

Drying at low temperature (42°) is an effective means of concentrating taste as well as preserving vitamins and nutrients.

Provenance naturelle de tous nos produits, le bio en avant


No additives — guaranteed.

Dénicheur de talents artisanaux, Supersec ne travail pas avec des industriels


We work with craftsmen, not industrialists.

Des actions responsables, une relation durable


Reducing our ecological footprint: dried products are 10 to 20 times lighter.

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En exclusivité sur notre site Supersec


As a favour to our customers, some products are only available online.

Chez Supersec : Diversité des origines et des savoirs-faire artisanaux


We offer a clear overview of our products' availability. Our experts are at your disposition for any questions.

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Supersec delivers to the whole world (almost).

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Supersec uses Ogone, which offers an optimal level of security. Your private information is managed carefully.