Green lentil curry mix
Curry de lentilles

Green lentil curry mix

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With our green lentil curry mix, you can simplify your life in the kitchen. Discover another way to eat healthy and balanced.

This lentil dahl mix is made from selected high-quality, organic dried ingredients. So it has everything to please!

Line Couvreur, chef, food stylist and cookbook author, created this curry recipe for Supersec.

40 minutes of preparation in total and you get a tasty, healthy and balanced dish.

This product is guaranteed “Made in Belgium”.


  • 50% green lentils*, 10% coconut milk (powder)*, 10% pineapple*, 8% tomato (powder)*, 5% instant broth* (sea salt, maltodextrin*, yeast extract*, leek*, parsley*, celery*, trigonella fenugreek*, lovage*, carrots*, soy*, parsnips*, turmeric*, onions*), 4% carrot cubes*, 3% onion shavings*, 2% tomato slices*, 2% zucchini slices*, 1% cranberries (powder)*, cane sugar*, coriander (powder)*, turmeric (powder)*, cumin (powder)*, ginger (powder)*.
  • *products from organic farming
  • Allergens : May contain traces of nuts, eggs, gluten and sesame seeds.
  • No additives

Nutritional values per 100g